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The ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Management System's scope covers all the activity fields which have impact at the quality of our services. The most important aim of the implementation of our Quality Management System is to ensure the provision of services of the highest quality to our Customers. The implemented system is obligatory for all our employees and the declared aim is being achieved - among the others - by means of the following:

  • timely and meeting the quality requirements provision of testing services;
  • systematic improvement of testing techniques;
  • control of the technical progress;
  • regular participation in the inter-laboratory comparisons and proficiency testing;
  • supervision of testing and measuring equipment and maintenance of the measuring coherence;
  • cyclical evaluation of customer satisfaction levels;
  • improvement of the employees' qualifications through their systematic training and tuition;
  • constant improvement of the Quality Management System.

The following of our laboratories are accredited:

  • Water and Sewage Laboratory in Płock;
  • Energy Waters Laboratory in Płock;
  • Fuels and Aromatics Laboratory in Płock;
  • Cracking, Alkylation and Lubricants Laboratory in Płock;
  • Crude Oil Processing Laboratory in Płock;
  • Environmental Testing Laboratory in Płock;
  • Laboratory of Chromatography in Płock
  • Benzene, Butadiene, Ethylene Oxide and Phenol Laboratory in Płock;
  • Regional Laboratory in Włocławek
  • Point of Laboratory Services in Lublin;
  • Point of Laboratory Services in Szczecin;
  • Point of Laboratory Services in Warsaw;
  • Regional Laboratory in Wrocław;
  • Point of Laboratory Services in Olsztyn;
  • Regional Laboratory in Jedlicze;
  • Point of Laboratory Services in Ostrów Wielkopolski;
  • Regional Laboratory in Trzebinia

The document which confirms the proper functioning of the Management System and the technical competences of our testing laboratories within the scope of performed tests and of the Management System is the certificate of accreditation No AB 484 issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation on the 9th of April, 2004.

The certificate of accreditation No AB 484 granted to our laboratories is accessible here and at the· www.pca.gov.pl. website. ·With the needs of the market and of our Customers in mind we constantly extend the scope of accreditation to include the new test methods and new laboratories.
ORLEN Laboratorium is a member of the POLLAB, the Club of Polish Testing Laboratories, acting in the POLLAB-PETROL Section especially in the area of participation and organisation of the inter-laboratory comparisons, and in the ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION Section.

On the 16th of July, 2006 the Military Center for Normalisation, Quality and Codification in Warsaw assigned to ORLEN Laboratorium S.A. a NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity (NCAGE) Code. This way the Company’s data were entered into the National Database for Commercial and Governmental Entities and the assigned code 1200H identifies the Company in the NATO Codification System.

While providing services in the field of laboratory tests we aim at the development of our economic activities in harmony and at peace with our natural environment. We feel responsible for the environment we function in, therefore the environmental impact minimization, respect for, protection and improvement of the state of environment is a priority and a vital issue for the Management Board and the employees of ORLEN Laboratorium. In line with the statement above we commit ourselves to improve continuously our Environmental Management System consistent with the requirements of the international standard PN-EN ISO 14001:2005, to minimize the environmental impact of the Company's activities and to pursue the following objectives:

  • periodic identification and constant supervision of all environmental aspects;
  • supervised and environmentally safe waste management, water and sewage management and monitoring of the air emissions levels;
  • safe and rational management of chemicals used during analytical tests, with particular focus on hazardous and controlled substances;
  • prevention of the environment pollution and remediation of damages resulting from the performed activities;
  • raising the environmental awareness of the Company's team.

We declare:

  • operation in line with the law provisions in force and with other environment protection - related requirements accepted by the Company as binding;
  • access to the information on the Company's environmental impact for all interested parties;
  • participation in actions for the benefit of the environment protection.

This Environmental Policy was communicated within the organisation and is accessible to the public.

In order to ensure the best quality of our services we would like to ask you to complete the following questionnaire on our existing cooperation. This will allow us to learn about your opinions and expectations as regards our activities and provided services.

Please send the completed form to ORLEN Laboratorium: ul. Chemików 7, 09 - 411 Płock CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY.