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Workplace analyses

During the tests, we collect air samples and measure the parameters of physical factors at the workplace. We conduct chemical research and assess the exposure of employees to various types of occupational risks.

Detailed scope of research

  • Air sampling and measurement of the intensity ·of physical factors in the environment and in workplace air;
  • Chemical testing of the occupational harmfulness including the carcinogen and mutagen factors, dustiness and physical factors;
  • Occupational exposure assessment necessary for the estimation of the occupational risk and for the hygienic interpretation of the obtained results;
  • Testing for the needs of environment protection, carried investments and pro-ecological activities;
  • Expert works in the process of commissioning and ·squaring of modernization and research and development works – assessment of the efficacy of the implemented actions;
  • Measurements for the needs of emission and immission assessment;
  • Preparation or verification of data for the mathematical model for noise propagation ·and for the environmental impact of the equipment or plant.